Book name – Yes I Met Maruti
Author – Daxesh Trivedi
Page – 164
Publisher -Bluerose Publishers.


This Book is a story of Jay – The Protagonist from Vadodara, who believes in imagination. During his graduation days he fell in love with a girl named “Preeti”. Things turns spicy when God named “Maruti” arrives in his dream. He does a barter system with God to become a successful person.


The book is a short read. It’s based on a imagination and the story revolves around the God Maruti and a love story Coming to my rituals, I will first start with the cover.

🌸I myself do not like the cover too much. It seemed that the designer did not put much effort.

🌸 The start of the story was sluggish in the beginning but then it picked up pace.

🌸I really liked the story telling of the main character also the chemistry between the foreigner and him. The power of imagination was beautifully used. And the comedy puns in between were funny too. He has tried to bridge a gap between the generations and connectivity with the audience. It was well thought.

🌸 If you are a Gujrati, this book will take you to a nostalgic trip. Too many places of Gujarat are mentioned. It’s nice though

🌸The editing and proofreading needs to get revamped I guess. There were mistakes in the first page too.

🌈 Overall it’s a nice read. If you want to pass your summer days, go for it. Also very happy that he hasn’t wrote a Cliché romance story.

Review ❤️



Hello readers!

Today I am back with another book, which is rather short and crispy.

Do give it a read. I hope you will love it.

This story is the first from Ajit Panicker’s Book L. S. D,bold series 1.0. Before beginning the review, I would like to let you know that it contains bold views and is intended for mature and adult readers.

My Review

Short stories always attracted me. They would begin just like a leaf from someone’s life without any major introductions and end just like that. This story is a perfect example of a short story with beginning and ending on an abrupt note. So you all can guess I loved the format.

The story is spread on 21 pages in Kindle format and took me just 20 mins to read. So anyone who is up for a short read do consider this.

The title goes well with the content. It revolves around the life of Kunal from college to his marriage. The character development is appreciable. Overall it gives satisfaction as a short read.

Eager to read the other stories of the series. Hope I reviewed it successfully without giving spoilers,cause it’s for you to know!

Overall Rating

4 /5


Ajit Panicker is a generalist. He is a firm believer that specialization is for insects as small unicellular organisms are made for singular function, not the evolved human species. He is a jack of many trades because being a generalist is super cool and thrilling for him. A D.I.Y (Do It Yourself) model, he is an author of repute. With two published books to his credit, both being prized Amazon best-selling books; he is slowly growing his reader fan base.

A Motivational Speaker, a Corporate Life skills trainer, a Life Coach, a Narration-Voice Over professional, a You-Tuber, Ajit Panicker is a person who loves exploring his creative being, like none other. He is an International Master Trainer, Facilitator and Coach, whose octane-powered soulful programs are life-changing. He resides and operates from Delhi-NCR with his life support, his wife, Ratika and his little twin munchkins, a son and a daughter. He is currently working on two fiction novels and a non-fiction book which would get released in the next two years.

You can keep in touch with the author through his official website,

Do comment below what’s your MAY challenge!

Book review :The Mind Game

I got a chance to review this self help book by author Devika Das. I won’t deny that this is my first book of this genre. I felt they always bored me.

BUT THE MIND GAME changed this notion.

Summary 📖

Crests and troughs, ups and downs, joys and sorrows are a part of everyone’s lives. While many choose to simply succumb to bad times, the winner is the one who remains strong, successfully wades off negativity and rises, unbound.The Mind Game is an excellent example of self help, motivational books in recent times. The book is neatly divided into five segments dealing with emotions, feelings and ways to control them.
I won’t give any spoilers though, the book is worth a read💯

My Review 📙

The first things that caught my attention is the book cover. The title matches with the cover so well. This is one of the few books that makes you ponder over your thoughts, analyse your actions and motivates you in the end. The author has beautifully explained each and every part in easy language. What makes the book not monotonous is that she also included short stories to make the reading easier and lively. Divided into 6 sections this book teaches people about how to “battle with their demons” and how to “go happy go lucky!”

With complex psychological concepts explained in aneasy way, this book proves to be capable of actually providing good advices rather than just quoting philosophical quotes.
This is one of a kind of go-to book in your every situation. Totally recommending it to readers who loves self – help and personality development books.

Do I recommend it?


Ratings 🧐

Summary – 4.5/5

Book link : The Mind Game


Kaalkoot :A mystery hidden in the timelapse!

Book name – KAALKOOT. Author – S. Venkatesh.

Do I recommend?



KaalKoot brings together a forgotten Himalayan legend, an internationalconspiracy and nail-biting suspense in a gripping thriller.Only three people have a clue about the horrors that are about the unfold. The only hope for survival lies buried deep in the remotest corner of Himalayas. But a terrible fate awaits those who seek it. Is it already too late? Is KaalKoot – the primordial plague – unstoppable?

Review 📙

Being my first time blogging, it takes time to learn the nitty gritty of it. Thanks for being patient ❤️

For everyone who knows me, I am a sucker of thrillers and mysteries amd if that is mixed with thrilling mythologies nothing can go wrong! Kaalkoot was just like that for me. To begin with I started reading this book because the blurb was a fascinating one. The book didnot disappoint me in that case. The story was enriching thrilling character building was good. The frequent change in the timeline though played a good part seemed somewhat tiring to me. The cover is a well thought of. I surely want to know who designed it. The name also does justice to the story. The whole book was a good read though lagging in some places with a bit of descriptions but for me it was an amazing read with the perfect doseof mystery and thriller. Hope you will love it too❤️

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